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Each lot fronts a private paved subdivision road with all utilities buried onto the property. In this gated aviation community the roadways also serve as taxiways out to the 3000 ft. paved runway and a 1600 ft. parallel grass runway.

airpark landing

This Is A Private Gated Aviation Community

The runways have clear approaches from both directions and has great views of the nearby mountains. Greeneville is only 15 minutes away and offers just about anything anyone could want.


Hensley Airpark Sitemap

When you purchase in this aviation community, you become a member of the Homeowners Association and the Association itself, by deed, owns the roadways and runways.

No one can ever deny you the use of these ‘common elements’.  This also means that the Association must maintain all these common elements.  This is accomplished through an annual due of only $450.  That covers mowing, insurance, and maintenance.  If ever a major repair is necessary, this will be done through an assessment to each owner.  There is no ‘public maintenance’ of any of the facilities, roadways, etc. as all is privately owned by the Association.

Hensley Airpark Phase I

Lots 1 – 6: Sold

Hensley Airpark Phase II

Lot 1 Not available

Lot 2: Available $84,900, Contact Carrie Riley, Century 21 Home Team for further information on this lot at 423-946-5366

Lot 3 Sold

Lot 4: Available $225, 000 (1.25 acre includes a 3000 sq ft. HANGER and room for house)

Lots 5  – 13: Sold

Hensley Airpark  Phase IIIA

Lots 1 – 7: Sold

Lot 8A: Sold

Lot 8B: Sold

Lot 9: Sold

Hensley Airpark  Phase IIIB

Never Before Offered, 7-acre tract of land. Make an offer!

– can support 2 BR house with normal septic system or potentially larger with above-ground septic

Hensley Airpark Phase IV

Lot 1 Sold

Lot 2 Sold

Lot 3 Sold

Lot 4 Sold

Hensley Airpark Phase V

Lot 1 Sold

Lot 2 Available from owner

Lot 3 Sold

Lot 4 Available $85,000

Lot 5 Sold

Lot 6 Sold

Lot 7 Sold

Lot 8 Available from current owner

Lot 9 Available from current owner

Lot 10 Available $82,500

Lot 11 Available $80,000

Lot 12 Available $80,000

Lot 13 Available $75,000

Lot 14 Not Available

Lot 15 Available $85,000

Lot 16 Available $80,000



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